Growth Tracking: how to reach the goals, working through the constraints?

Pavel Rogozhin
Pavel Rogozhin
Managing Partner at Venture Crew

Growth Tracking is a system of working with the founders and the project team, in which growth tracker helps to realize the key constraint at a given time, highlight it to the team and focus on overcoming it.

Some kind of consulting again? No. To make sure of this, let’s see where it all starts.

Each business on the path of its development faced something like this at least once: we seem to be doing kind of everything, but we are moving somehow slowly. When you have not doing a good job objectively, questions usually do not emerge, but if there are a lot of actions, and there is no approach to the intended goals, it is clearly necessary to change something. The key question is: what exactly?

Usually, such situations happen for one of two reasons.

Objective view begins to blunt. It would seem that how can a founder not understand what exactly is wrong with his business at the moment? He’s a founder — who, if not him, will see where to fix it? Everything is so, but no one has canceled the operational unit and a large layer of management decisions, where he has to dive on a daily basis — over time, an objective view of the processes begins to blunt.

Extra competence is required. The expertise of the founder, as well as the team as a whole, is not unlimited. Between simple and complex, the brain intuitively always chooses the clear, therefore, first of all, in case of any changes, forces begin to be directed to where there is expertise and awareness of what is happening. The least competent sites, as a rule, are postponed for later and eventually begin to block the seemingly built and working processes.

From the cases of Grow Global VC: just a week ago, we talked to a team involved in a technically complex product, while not having a CTO in the team. It would be fine if one of the founders had a technical background, but there is none, and the team slows down pretty hard on this. The product is fascinating, it could grow quickly, but it does not grow. Seriously, the fact that the lack of a CTO in the team is now the key constraint of meaningful growth — the founder did not think about it before communicating with us.

Thus, in such situations, there is a need for growth tracking — a professional external view of what is happening in business. The task of the tracker due to his watchfulness and external position in relation to the team is to find a key constraint in the business and focus the participants on its development due to the built-in system of working with hypotheses. As a result, where the focus is, there is growth – there is maximum benefit and value.

The tracker methodology, as well as the watchfulness of the tracker itself, together have an impact on the growth of the business, thereby increasing its capitalization. This is not mentoring, consulting or coaching. This is a systematic focus on constraints at different points of the business. In addition to tracking, in the Grow Global VC accelerator, we help teams to implement tools such as custdev, value proposition formulation, system lead generation and much more, and also provide ready-made frameworks.

Sprints from week to week, results, even small, the tracker keeps the team on their toes, not giving it the opportunity to relax and close off from unwanted tasks. In such a rhythm, it becomes easier to reach the set goals, on the one hand (an external view appears), but on the other it is more difficult (speeds increase significantly) – not everyone can stand it, but those who have usually turn out to be several heads higher and stronger.

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